Steering wheel lock baseball bat universal

alca premium steering wheel lock 

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Weight 1.3kg
Dimension 615x63 mm
Brand alca

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  • theft protection with quick fitting
  • extra-secure, double-heavy version (1.3 kg!)
  • for quick blocking of steering wheel
  • with rotatable soft handle for locking and unlocking
  • including 2 safety keys
  • for all steering wheels
  • total length: 615 mm

This high quality anti-theft device in the form of a baseball bat has the protection level 3 (advanced) and a high deterrent potential for thieves. Easily mounted, the steering wheel lock is the best companion not only when traveling, but also on your own doorstep. Suitable as immobilizer excellent for all vehicles. Unfortunately, modern keyless go systems make car theft much easier. Keyless Go vehicles have added protection with the alca immobilizer. The anti-theft device is quickly mounted and reliably blocks the steering wheel. The locking and unlocking takes place in a few seconds via the rotating soft grip. With a total length of 615 mm, the Drive Blocker is suitable for all steering wheel strengths

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